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Apply for permission for your event in Kødbyen

Københavns Ejendomme & Indkøb offers the opportunity to hold outdoor events in The Meatpacking District.

New guidelines have been introduced for events in public areas, such as parks and squares.

These stipulate that KEID is obliged to charge area rent for all events regardless of size and/or organizer. The Planning Appeals Board has decided that the only exception is political events where all parties are invited. In addition, events that take place on areas where an outdoor serving permit has already been issued are exempt from the requirement for payment.

Application for event

If you want to arrange an event in Kødbyen's urban space, you must have a permit from Copenhagen Property and Purchase.

You apply for a permit by filling out the application form at the bottom of this page. You must fill in the yellow fields in the form and enclose the necessary documents.

Completed form with appendices must be sent to tilladelser.kodbyen@okf.kk.dk.

It is important that you read the general terms and conditions for events in Kødbyen before submitting the application. The general terms and conditions can be found at the bottom of this page.

It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the "regulations for outdoor music events" if you are applying for permission to conduct music.

Focus on "Meat and Creativity"

Copenhagen Municipality has adopted a vision for Kødbyen.

Kødbyen must be a home for "Meat and Creativity"

Kødbyen must be an open and spacious district with a dynamic city life

Kødbyen must be a changeable, international experience destination with a strong identity

We therefore place special emphasis on events in The Meatpacking District supporting the visions, and that the events focus on the production, sale and development of food ("Meat") and / or the creation of original / innovative ideas and products, including innovation and art ("Creativity").

In our assessment of the event, it is also taken into account whether the daily operation of The Meatpacking District can be maintained.

It is not possible to hold private gatherings such as. corporate events, weddings, etc. or events with a purely commercial content.

Permits from the authorities

It is necessary to obtain permits for your event from other than Copenhagen Properties & Purchase. When you need to obtain permission from the authorities, you must use a prior permission from Copenhagen Properties & Purchasing. If you do not have it, your application will not be processed by the authorities.

Permission from the Copenhagen Police

You must always apply for permission for your event with the Copenhagen Police. You can aapply for that permission prior to obtaining one fra Copenhagen Property and Purchase.

Apply via https://politi.dk/blanketter. Please note that the Police may, for security and order reasons, require you to submit a security plan no later than 1 month before the event.

You can contact the Police Section for Planning on telephone 35 21 28 98 if you have any questions in connection with your permit.

Permission to sell alcohol

You must also have a permit from the Copenhagen Police if you want to sell alcohol for your event. Either you already have a permanent permit or you need to obtain a occasionally permit. You will find the application form on the police website.

If you have any questions in connection with any alcohol license, you can contact the Police Licensing Office on telephone 35 21 39 99.

Permission from the building authorities

In many cases, you must also apply for a building permit in order to run your event. The building authorities require you to apply for a building permit in the following cases:

  • if the event is held on a protected area (download map of protected areas at the bottom of the page)
  • if the event is for more than 150 people
  • if the event lasts longer than 6 weeks
  • if you want to erect non-certified structures (eg stages, tents or grandstands) regardless of their size

Learn more about whether your event requires a building permit or not, and how to apply for a permit for your outdoor event.

In order for your construction case to be processed, you must have an ownership authorization from Copenhagen Properties and Purchase. You can only apply for this when there is a permit from Copenhagen Properties and Purchase. You must therefore be out well in advance if you intend to carry out a larger event.

Permission from the Urban Life and Business authorities

If your event is to take place in whole or in part on a private public road, ie. on the road area along Øksnehallen closest to the Central Station and / or Staldgade from Halmtorvet to Ingerslevsgade, you must also obtain a permit from the Urban Life and Business authorities. Application is made via how to apply for a permit for your outdoor event.

Especially regarding. Høkerboderne, Slagterboderne and Kødboderne

If you want to hold an event in Høkerboderne, Slagterboderne or Kødboderne, you do not need permission from Københavns Ejendomme & Indkøb. You must instead apply for a permit from the Urban Life and Business authorities. Application is made via how to apply for a permit for your outdoor event.

Case processing time

The permits for events vary in complexity and case processing time and therefore have different application deadlines. Larger events therefore also have a longer case processing time. This means that if you have not applied in good enough time, you can not be sure that your application can be processed by all authorities. Copenhagen Properties and Purchase, however, tries to process cases as quickly as possible. In most cases, the caseworker will contact the applicant directly to clarify whether it is realistic to obtain the necessary permits before the event.

Permission must also be obtained from other authorities. The Technical and Environmental Administration states on their website that a minimum of 1 month of case processing must be expected. Remember that any shortcomings in an application can extend the case processing significantly.

Read about case processing times in the Technical and Environmental Administration 


For any questions about the application process or in general for events in Kødbyen, you can always send an email to tilladelser.kodbyen@okf.kk.dk.


If you as a neighbor are bothered by an event that you think does not comply with the applicable guidelines, you can contact the Center for Noise nuisance.

During normal office hours, you can call tel. 2686 5827. Friday and Saturday evening / night (21-03) it is possible to contact the noise guard on tel. 3366 2585.

If there are major inconveniences in times when the Center for Noise Disorders does not receive calls, you can call the Police on tel. 114