Welcome to Copenhagen Meat Packing District. Meat and Creativity in historical surroundings


Copenhagen Meat Packing District

Meat and Creativity in historical surroundings. Experience the killer urban culture in the protected surroundings.

The Meat Packing District is one of Denmark's 25 national industrial monuments. We take good care of it.

Helga Theilgaard

Corona og Machine central

From 1 December, all visitors to Machine central must wear a face mask.

Employees and permanently attached craftsmen must present a valid corona passport and can thus avoid using face masks.

We do this to protect employees and their families. In addition, we have a special consideration to take, as the Machine central is a supply company that must be able to guarantee the supply of cooling, water and heat 24-7 to the entire Meat Packing District.

Attendance at Machine centralis only possible by prior arrangement. We would appreciate that you primarily contact the employees at the Machine central via E-mail and by telephone. Meetings will preferably be held outside the Machine central.