All operational disruptions must be reported to HelpDesk

Contact Copenhagen Properties digital helpdesk if you need to report building damage or other operational disruptions that you believe are the landlord's responsibility.

You are therefore not dependent on being able to reach Copenhagen Properties by telephone during normal office hours.

To use the Digital Helpdesk:

Digital entrance to Helpdesk (where you can also register as a user)
As a user, you can continuously click in and get a status and overview of your created cases.

You can still contact the Helpdesk by phone on 3366 6100, within Copenhagen Properties opening hours.

Opening hours in Copenhagen Properties:

  • Monday to Thursday from kl. 7-16
  • Friday from 7-15.

Outside opening hours, urgent cases are referred to the Guard and Security on tel. 3366 2585.

Please note that sub-tenants cannot register cases in the HelpDesk. It is exclusively tenants who handle the contact with Copenhagen Properties.

Contact Copenhagen Properties
If you have questions about the use of Copenhagen Properties helpdesk, please contact our phone: 3366 6100.

About HelpDesk:
Whether it's doors that bind, roofs that are leaking, gutters that hang, water in the basement, holes in the asphalt, outdooor lightning that does not work, lack of refrigeration or something else. Then it is HelpDesk that receives your message.

In the case of acute injuries that must be remedied immediately, HelpDesk will ensure that the case is forwarded to Kødbyens Maschinecentral immediately.

If the injury is not acute, you will be assigned a person responsible for your case, no later than 1 working day after you have reported your case to HelpDesk. Your case will be created in the system and HelpDesk will contact you to inform you about the further course. The HelpDesk enables you to follow the development of the case via the subsequent e-mail correspondence.

It will thus be easier for you to see who is responsible for the case, how far the case has come and what is to happen.