Defibrillators in The Meatpacking District

Find the nearest defibrillator in The Meatpacking District using a map or the list below

There are 14 available defibrillators in The Meatpacking District (or close to):

Available 24 hours a day:

  • Slagtehusgade 11, (on the gable facing the street, right by the lattice gate into the alley)
  • Flæsketorvet 91K (on the east-facing gable, behind inco Kød)
  • Flæsktorvet 84K (on the west-facing gable, behind mesteren og lærlingen)
  • DGI-byen,Tietgensgade 65, (on the left side of the hotel reception)
  • Scandic Kødbyen, Skelbækgade 3A (in the lobby by opening to the elevators)

Available during opening hours:

  • Erik Møller arkitekter, Flæsketorvet 75, (1 floor by the. receptionen)
  • Warpigs, Flæsketorvet 25 (at the checkout counter)
  • INCO, Flæsketorvet 84A (at customer entrance)
  • Rysensteen Gymnasium, Flæsketorvet 60 (1. floor by the cafe)
  • Vandkulturhuset, DGI-Byen (at ticket sales)
  • Københavns Musiksskole, Halmtorvet 29 (on gable wall at end of kitchen counter, left in foyer)
  • SOPU, Skelbækgade 1 (on the wall to the left within the main entrance)
  • SOPU, Skelbækgade 1 ( 2nd floor, Stairs A - right next to the door on the right)
  • Rysensteen Gymnasium, Toetgensgade 74 (within the door from Kvægtorvsgade)