Waste Management

Tenants in the Meatpacking District are individually responsible for their own waste management. It is now mandatory to sort waste into various fractions.

KEJD provides an area for waste management. It is the responsibility of the company to ensure that the mandatory fractions are handled within the designated area. 

In certain areas of Kødbyen, KEJD provides a waste room that multiple users utilize in a communal waste management scheme. 

If a communal waste room is established or becomes established, as a new tenant, you are obliged to participate in the communal waste management solution. 

Waste containers must be kept behind a lock. If waste containers are outdoors, they must be locked. 

The tenant is obliged to ensure that waste containers are at all times in a condition that does not attract rats. 

Contact the Kødbyen cleaning team if you find waste (including substance-related waste): 

Josef: 2691 9470 

Ramazan: 2675 2676 

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 7-14.30, Friday 7-11.30 (Substance-related waste outside these opening hours is handled by the social caretakers). 

Cleaning (in Kødboderne, Høkerboderne, and Slagterboderne): 

TMF is responsible for cleaning in Slagterboderne, Høkerboderne, and Kødboderne. If you find conditions that you want to report, you can do so via the "Giv et Praj København" app. This only applies to the streets and sidewalks mentioned above. Find the link to "Giv et praj" (Report an issue) below. 

Needles and junk

If you experience needle litter in or around your leasehold, you can contact the Social Caretakers in Kødbyen (Sarah and Zakeria). 

  • Phone: 8177 3693 

  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11:00 - 18:30, Saturday-Sunday 07:00 - 18:30.