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Ongoing and planned construction work

See the list of the major construction works we are working on, which we are planning and our best bid for when they will be completed.


There is a lot going on in Kødbyen and many of the projects are complicated. Therefore, there may be shifts in the order of the projects and the works may take longer than expected. We strive to annoy the tenants as little as possible and inform as best we can.

Ongoing Construction Work

  • Lease Preparation. Flæsketorvet 45-55. Expected project period: summer 2022
  • Renovation of the farm at Høkerboderne 6-20. Outstanding work: Asphalt wear layer: April2022
  • Renovation of hot water pipes. Project period: 2021+ 2022
  • Skolebyggeri v. Dybbølsbro (Client: BYK - Byggeri København) Project period: 2021-2024

Planned Construction Work

  • Waste stations in Kokkegården. Expected project period: 2022.
  • Establishment of a new garbage room at Slagthusgade 18 + Slagthusgade 12: Expected project period: 2022-23
  • Tunnel renovation under Slagterboderne east and minor spots Flæsketorvet west + Høkerboderne and Kødboderne. Surface breakage, new membrane and new asphalt. Project period: summer 2022
  • Preparation of lease, Slagthusgade 46. Expected project period: 2022/23
  • Lease preparation, Halmtorvet 17B. Expected project period: 2023
  • New roof and facade renovation, Slagthusgade 3 and 7. Expected project start: Sept. 2022
  • Reconstruction of Maskincentralen's warehouse, Staldgade: Expected project period: 2022/23.
  • Renovation of roof and facades, Staldgade 74. Expected project start: 2023.
  • Roofs and windows at the Meat and Pork Hall (inco). Expected project period: 2022-23