Kødboderne is a one way street from 27. sept. 2021

You can only access the Meat Packing District via Kødboderne from 27/9 - 17/10 2021. Way out is blocked.

In connection with the construction of the new school on the corner plot at Dybbølsbro, the contractor Aarsleff will establish a new sewer in Kødboderne next to no. 22.

It means; that Kødboderne is a one way street in the direction of Flæsketorvet and all exits from Flæsketorvet must take place through Høkerboderne. The unification of Høkerboderne will be abolished during the same period.

The timetable submitted by Aarsleff states that the unification will take place from Monday 27 September.

The sewer work and the re-establishment of the roadway will be completed on Wednesday 17 November, after which the traffic will again be double-edged.

Aarsleff has, in collaboration with the road authority in the Technical and Environmental Administration, prepared an attached sign plan, which also states that there will be signage on Flæsketorvet that indicates a functioning exit.