Gate 3 closes - gate 4 opens

We close the gate at Flæsketorvet 25

On Friday 16 July, the tunnel renovation will start on Flæsketorvet east on stage 2.

This means that from Monday 19 July 2021 we will have to close gate 3 (under the former Dat-Schaub, next to the Warpigs restaurant).

Driving between Slagtehusgade and Flæsketorvet will, during the remaining project period, take place through gate 4, which is located next to Gallery V1, Flæsketorvet 71.

Gate 4 will continue to be closed in the evening and at night, which means that all traffic between Slagthusgade and Flæsketorvet in the evening and at night must take place via Ingerslevsgade (motorized) or via Halmtorvet (pedestrians and cyclists)