Åben has been nominated for Bar of the Year

Bryggeri Åben is among the nominees for "In the City Award 2022"

Politiken justifies their nomination: "

So far, Åben does not exist as a 'real' bar ... in fact only as a pop up in the summer, while the brewery behind is building loose inside the huge premises that will eventually become a brewery, restaurant and thus also a bar. So in a way, it's a little early to have Åben in the pool, had it not been for the infectious energy that the Jutland brewery has come to town with. With their pop-up beer bar in the Brown Meatpacking District, the square in front of Åben has become one of the coolest places in the city, which has attracted thousands of Copenhageners. "

Good luck to Åben.

And then we just need to inform Politiken that Åben is located in the Grey Meatpacking District ... not the Brown.