The Meat Packing Districts Social Caretakers

Simon and Zakeria solves the daily challenges in the meeting between business tenants and drug users

Kødbyen has 2 Social Caretakers who helps solve everyday challenges when drug users and companies are neighbors.

They are at work every day, all year round in The Meat Packing District between 11.00 and 18.30.

The social caretakers must work problem-solving in the field between drug users and tenants in The Meat Packing District. The social caretakers have both a social function and a practical function, and are set in the world to help the tenants in The Meat Packing Districtas well as the socially disadvantaged, who are also part of The Meat Packing District.

The social caretakers help both with preventive work among drug users, with conflict management and / or with practical tasks, such as the removal of drug-related waste.

They can be contacted on tel. 8177 3693 during their working hours; 11.00-18.30.

Or by email: